"...but in Company XIV's newest variation of Charles Perrault's classic, the true bonding between the two occurs because they're both captivating aerialists." - Broadway World


"The graceful Allison Ulrich plays the title role alongside the powerfully built Nolan McKew as the Prince. Besides showing off their individual acrobatic talents — Ulrich works her dizzying, seemingly gravity-defying routine on a Chinese pole..."  - TheaterMania


"Get to Know the Stars of Company XIV's Colorful, Sexy Cinderella." - Broadway Box


"Interview: Allison Ulrich, star of Company XIV's "Nutcracker Rouge"" - Stagebuddy

NUTROUGELOVE-256-X2 copy.jpg

"Her spectacular finale is a solo of mature self-discovery set to Duke Ellington's "Sugar Rum Cherry" followed by a pas de deux with Lukasz Zieba's prince, set to Tchaikovsky, that combines classical ballet with barely controllable foreplay." - Broadway World


"...but it is the gymnastics moves by the leads that bring down the house.  Cinderella (Allison Ulrich) and the Prince (Steven Truman Gray), romantically and acrobatically, have the last word."- NY TIMES


"However, it is Ulrich as the titular Ella who not only shows emotional depth with a simple gesture, but also incredible physical prowess despite her charming diminutive frame." - OffOff Online


"...Ulrich teams with Steven Truman for a stunning pole dancing pas de deux." - Broadway World



"Winsome and Mutely charismatic, Ulrich's Cinderella radiates half-shy energy throughout her dances." - Blog Critics


"...as Allison Ulrich and Steven Truman Gray twirl and twine on a hoop overhead, there's a mesmerizing beauty to the combination of recorded strings, live soprano and acrobatics." - NY TIMES


"...Steven Truman Gray and petite but fierce Allison Ulrich completely wow the audience with their strength, poise and seamlessness." - Stagebuddy


"The entire unit of performers shined in their area of expertise with some winning the hearts of the audience in their routines, namely Allison Ulrich with her stimulating pole dance." - Theater In The Now


"Allison Ulrich proves a deft aerialist on the hanging hoop... She's also no slouch when it comes to pole dancing." - Theatre's Leiter Side


"Ulrich takes the traditionally innocent-minded Cinderella and gives her a trajectory into truly realized womanhood during Acts II and Acts III..." - Opera Today